Technical Lead / Specialist

About NFT Pangolin

NFT Pangolin is a global marketplace for regional creators in Asia to issue and sell their unique crypto secured assets to collectors. We aspire to be the leading regional marketplace driving creative, innovative collaborations and boundary pushing campaigns in the NFT space globally for issuers and collectors alike, while making a difference for those in need by funding social causes and charitable campaigns to pay it forward.

In this role you will be reporting directly to the Business Development Director (SEA). We’re looking for qualified Web3 tech lead to help us build the preferred NFT marketplace and develop products for our business needs. If you’re excited to work at a company that is building and shaping the future of NFT marketplace, to empower creators and collectors, welcome to NFT Pangolin. This is our wish list, the more you feel ideal and qualified for the position, the more we will value you.

Summary Job Description & Areas of Responsibility

  • Engineering Smart Contract Architecture
  • Create and document relevant requirements and use cases for our MVP
  • Lead technical direction for smart contract and backend architecture by architecting on & off chain interactions as well as analysing performance and trade offs of using external third-party APIs
  • Work closely with other engineers to build out the smart contract architecture to power a variety of applications, such as NFT staking mechanism and integration of NFT campaigns
  • Build, maintain and test core components of our architecture including managing on and off-chain data ingestion, minting & issuance of tokens, and platform tokenomics
  • Design, develop and improve the company’s dApps and blockchain infrastructure for different products and services
  • Contribute to agility and scalability of not just the codes but the team and engineering practices, improving our best-practices, streamlining our development processes, and improve team synergy
  • Research, be active with the bigger blockchain community, and stay current with the state-of-the-art of blockchain technologies / DLTs to bring new solutions and ideas to the team
  • Review codes and merge requests by junior developers, offering constructive feedback to the team
  • Ensure the wellness of our production dApps and related services, reporting bugs and issues immediately upon discovery and always look for ways to optimize tech stack and improve security
  • Define security standards and procedures and educate other team members
  • Provide technical leadership in the area of blockchain technology
  • Working collaboratively with team members and partners across projects
  • Build strong, resilient, and robust APIs, libraries, and services to power our NFT marketplace and various dApps, and other external SDKs
  • Work closely with frontend and smart contracts team to integrate data, engine, and communication layers with a traditional Web2 frontend as well as handle integrations from the blockchain
  • Collaborate closely with all engineering teams to ensure consistency in understanding of technical requirements and overall work quality
  • Assist the engineering team in set-up, maintenance and ongoing development of continuous build & integration infrastructure
  • Train and support developers to align on source control, through build automation, merge resolution, CI/CD, test automation, deployment based on tools usage and policies, standards
  • Help due diligence open-source technology partnerships
  • Support interviewing of other engineering members and help them onboard NFTPangolin team
  • Work with project manager or product owner to meet specification needs
  • Interact with business partners, teammates, internal users and external users regarding cost estimations, timelines, technical issues, and infrastructure support both pre- and post-production


  • Experience (5+ years) in software development, computer engineering, or other related fields
  • 3+ years of smart contract development experience in Solidity (experience in other smart contract languages for Solana and Fantom is an asset)
  • 2+ years as a tech lead, leading a team of 5+ team members in completion of projects with agile methodologies
  • Extended Web3 and Web2 knowledge regarding custodial wallet solutions, on & off chain data storage and retrieval mechanisms, tokenomics and minting & issuance of tokens
  • Deep understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine
  • Prior experience deploying complex smart contract systems to the Ethereum mainnet
  • Strong knowledge of design principles both specific to smart contract (like factory pattern, proxy design) or more generic like OOP, functional programming, REST
  • Experience in Solidity, OpenZeppelin standards, Web3, Truffle/Hardhat, the Graph, NodeJS, AWS, MySQL/Postgres, MongoDB/NoSQL, and other useful web3 tech stacks
  • Familiar with various token development (ERC-20, ERC-1155, ERC-721, etc)
  • Experience with React, Redux, and other various frontend technologies
  • Version control experience with Git/GitLab and branching methodologies, code review tools, CI tools, JIRA, Confluence, etc
  • Experience in smart contract auditing is a plus
  • Ability to grow yourself and other engineers through code reviews, design reviews, and screenshare/peer debugging


  • Fluent in English and Bahasa Malaysia, both in speaking, writing, and presentation. Abilities in other languages like Mandarin, a bonus.
  • Growth, ownership, and “Can Do” mindset.
  • Proven ability and willingness to work cross-functionally and able to multi-task or work outside normal working hours expected as long as tasks and deadlines are completed.  
  • Ability to independently engage in tasks requiring interpretation of complex and often vague sets of information.
  • Both creative and analytical, results driven, resourceful, and leads by example.
  • Capacity to respond to high-pressure incidents and able to face issues calmly.
  • Ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks, roles and projects simultaneously.
  • Have outstanding interpersonal, communications and networking skills, fearless, emotional intelligence (EQ), and ability to persuade / drive alignment among differing perspectives. Ability to work in a well-diversified team and possesses good, charming interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to convey complex information in both written, verbal and graphical presentation forms.
  • Ability to think creatively about the best format for communicating research, reports, etc.
  • Interesting extracurricular past activities that show you have a fun bubbly personality.
  • Highly mobile, team player, ambitious, independent, infectious personality, multi skilled, creative minds, open to learning new things, unorthodox or out of the box thinkers and executors welcomed too, especially if you’re not intimidated by these requirements.

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Job Category: Technical Development
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Kuala Lumpur

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